Climette Ductless Split Air Conditioners


The Climette HM Series of High-Wall Ductless Split Systems offer modern styling and ultra-quiet operation plus a host of high-tech amenities the competition can’t match.
Thanks to its "easy maintenance" design, the Climette® HM Series provides an excellent value in a high-quality, ductless system.

Enjoy the natural breeze
Climette ductless split systems produce what feels like a gentle spring breeze — the most refreshing airflow you’ve ever felt indoors! The air swing automatically directs the vents back and forth, while a built-in microprocessor continuously adjusts fan speed to ensure maximum comfort around the clock.

Eye-pleasing design
These compact units feature an attractive design. They fit easily where other units won’t…and they blend beautifully with any room decor.

Remarkably quiet
Every HM Series model is engineered to be super-quiet. The cross-flow fan is optimized to deliver balanced airflow that’s easy on the ears.